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Regarding a recent question on the Probiotics supplements:

Dear Friends,

We personally are not interested in taking any kind of supplements because we feel they are out of harmony with the laws of nature and because reliance on any kind of drug or supplement would diminish our goal of self-reliance and independence from "the system", which we feel is robbing us of our birthright of primal health. We feel that nature has not made any mistakes in the evolvement of the natural foods which are suitable for nourishing human life and that all we have to do is to "think primal" and go back to what just makes common sense. Our early ancestors did not have to contend with an industrial revolution which has money as its primary motivation and not the health of mankind. The promotion of supplements by the "alternatives" has the same underlying motivation as the pharmaceutical giants in this country...profit.

We feel that food, as nature created it, has sustained humankind for thousands of years and does not need to be improved upon. How could a research lab make a "perfect" food or supplement? According the the research by the company which manufactures, "Primal Defense", the HSO's (homeostatic soil organisms), the beneficial soil bacteria, are definitely in food which has been just picked from healthy soil. The HSO's are contained in the cellulose of the plant and will begin to dissipate and die after a period of 6 hours. So, as you can see, there is NOT ONE item in a modern grocery store or even a health food store that would have live HSO's in it...unless there was something for sale that was growing in a pot of organic soil. The only way we can get them in a natural form, as nature created them, is to pick fruit, vegetables and leafy greens right from the soil to our mouths. That is why we advocate the growing of the baby greens indoors on a consistent, regular basis to assure that we are getting an adequate supply of these organisms in our I.G. (intestinal garden). The research states that HSO's are a "transient" bacteria, which means that they do their work and then leave the body in a period of 4 to 6 days, and therefore have to be ingested on a daily basis. Of course, in addition, whenever possible, it is marvelous to have vegetables that can be eaten raw, (all cooked food is dead, containing no enzymes or live HSO's) right out of an organic garden, which would also be supplying these indispensable little Dirt Devas. Sprouts grown in a jar will supply the body with loads of vitamin C and other vitamins, minerals and enzymes, but DO NOT contain the HSO's. Only plants grown on healthy, composted soil contains these beneficial bacteria.

You can learn more about Biogenic Nutrition from the International Biogenic Society. They have many helpful books on the topic, some of which we have recommended. You can write to them and get a catalog at P.O. Box 849, Nelson, B.C., Canada V1L 6A5.

Eating these little live plants, (buckwheat greens, wheat grass, etc.) grown on soil containing the HSO's, has really made a difference in our level of health, and we have achieved it without the use of any kind of supplements, which we feel are not natural and probably a burden to the body, rather than a boost. Of course Biogenic nutrition teaches the whole picture of also getting off the Biocidic foods, which not only destroys the HSO's, but leaves undigested, putrefied food in the I.G. as a perfect breeding ground for the molds, yeasts, fungi and parasites, which are so devastating to the health of the body.

Kevin and I are just sharing what we know as teachers of Biogenic Living and from our own personal experience and from our own desire to return to a more basic, primal lifestyle. And, of course, a natural diet is a foundation to such a way of living. We are not experts in the field of nutrition and have no desire to become experts. We just want to share what we feel is a reasonable, common sense, practical, cost-efficient, self-reliant way to maintain excellent health.

                   May you all be well and peaceful and happy!    Donna

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