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Natural Healing

Taking Responsibility for Your Health and Healing

By  Kevin 


The Author of this essay is not a doctor or certified health professional and does not advocate the use of any particular diet for the treatment of any disease or physical condition. He only suggests the use of natural foods and the things found in nature as the model for creating health and wellness. But because each person and situation is unique, the reader is urged to check with a qualified health professional before adopting any dietary changes as a result of reading the information contained in “Natural Healing: Taking Responsibility for Your Health and Healing.

Because there is always some risk involved, the author is not responsible for any adverse, detoxification effects or consequences resulting from the use of any of the suggestions, preparations, or procedures in this material. Please do not use the information if you are unwilling to assume the risk. Feel free to consult a physician or other qualified health professional. It is a sign of wisdom to seek a second or third opinion.

Sickness is Bad for Your Health

For many years I have been interested in health and natural healing, studying and researching many different ideas, such as herbs, water therapies, exercise, fasting, natural foods, as well as various diet programs. And the one thing I’ve insisted along the way is this: if health requires buying a man-made concoction, product or supplement, then I’m not interested! If I can’t achieve absolute health through the simple application and use of weeds, flowers, seeds, herbs and food either grown myself or purchased locally, forget it. I am only interested in knowing what is freely available from nature and how to use it for the highest level of health and well-being possible.

The first thing I realized in pursuing this path of self-education was that I had to train myself to think more primal and basic. I had to go back to the natural world and consider how it works and then try to stay true to that point of view. And what I’ve noticed is very simple - nature heals through a totally wholistic approach. Animals, for instance, when sick or injured, heal themselves by a series of things, not just one technique or strategy. They instinctively stop eating or perhaps chew on a few blades of grass, drink fresh water, stretch, lick their wounds (which probably stimulates their lymphatic and circulatory systems) rest, and get plenty of sunshine and fresh air. When humans are sick, on the other hand, they tend to look for one or two “remedies” that can be purchased from a pharmacist or health food store, or perhaps they’ll undergo a surgical procedure in order to “cut out” some tumor or diseased part of the body. Generally, many people consider this to be the correct and normal form of “healing” or “curing”, but in many cases, such procedures only results in the creation of another symptom or dis-ease, called a side-effect. And the whole cycle repeats again and again. Symptoms, relief of symptom, new symptom, another relief of symptom, while the overall, poor quality and general health and well-being of the individual stays basically the same.

What I have to say in this article is absolutely provable and may help save you or someone else’s life in the future, so please consider this carefully. Your body can cure itself of anything, no matter what the doctors have told you. Your body possesses the blue-print and genetic information to restore you to good health, even if you have AIDS, breast cancer, allergies, colon-rectal cancer, heart disease, colitis, Crohn’s disease, cystic fibroses, brain tumor, depression, lymphoma, epilepsy, depression, hypertension, kidney stones, lupus, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s - no matter what they call it, it can be cured. What concerns me the most is the mindless and heartless insanity that is growing in our world today. People are losing touch with what is natural, sacred and pure, and they are becoming more and more complacent, lazy and ignorant, especially concerning the natural ways of achieving health, happiness and inner peace.

Materialism and consumerism are worse than ever before and violent crime escalates each year. Unless something really remarkable happens in the next few years to turn this downward trend around, negative results will continue to escalate. There will be more diseases, more violence, insanity and social frustration. Modern agricultural practices, inhumane treatment of animals for food and the ineffectiveness of antibiotics to combat serious infections due to the irresponsible, overuse of medical technology, make it highly probable that a major plague could wipe out millions, if not billions of people in the next 50 years. Medical science has been sowing the seeds of a new form of materialism and is beginning to reap profitable benefits at the cost of human health and individual freedom.

At present, the medical scientists and pharmaceutical companies have begun pushing prescription drugs on television. Each day in the news there are reports praising the latest pharmaceutical drug on the market. Doctors seldom encourage people to become responsible for their own health by adopting natural, wholistic lifestyles, but rather, continue to treat symptoms by handing out pills. It’s common for many elderly people to be on as many as 6-8 prescription medications at one time, all of which is considered “normal” and a necessary part of the aging process. Then, on the other end of the spectrum, we have the supplement junkies, weight lifters, athletes and body builders who believe and advocate a whole variety of supplements, man-made products, tablets, herbal compounds, high-protein concoctions, extracts, and who-knows what else, in order to achieve a goal of superior health, grossly abnormal muscle development and resistance to disease and infection. Many of these people end up taking 50 different pills, powders or mixtures a day, spending hundreds of dollars a month trying to attain some unrealistic body-style that is neither natural or healthy.

These approaches to wellness will never work. A person cannot be healthy by going against the laws of nature. You have to take responsibility for your own state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. No doctor or so-called “health-professional” can give you a pill, vaccination or surgery that is going to give you wellness. What I see happening in the world today is more and more people becoming fatter, weaker, sicker, grumpier, more irritable and depressed, without the slightest idea of what to do. Sure, there are a lot of people taking herbal medicines, homeopathic remedies, vitamin and mineral supplements, shopping at health food stores and purchasing organic produce, but the fact is, they are generally still living lifestyles that are not wholistic and natural. They are trying to use herbal remedies to “solve” or “fix” their mental and physical problems in the same way that people use prescription drugs. They think like this: “my stomach hurts so I will take mint tea and ginger-root,” or “my head aches terribly so I’ll take feverfew or valerian root,” etc.

This is just the same old symptom-substitution treatment approach used by modern, allopathic medical doctors. It seeks to treat the symptom or complaint without looking into the organic cause. If we look at serious diseases such as cancer, hardening of the arteries, AIDS, bacterial infections, stroke, heart disease, etc., we can see the same kind of symptom-treatment approach and notice that people are generally not getting any better. The fact of the matter is heart disease, high blood pressure, some cancers and hardening of the arteries are all diseases of the fork, that is, they are caused by poor diet.

When a person gets cancer, for example, the doctor may recommend chemotherapy, and sometimes may be successful at getting the cancer to stop spreading. Then, when the tumor has been reduced, he goes in and cuts it out. But the real unfortunate thing is, after radiating and cutting, if the person doesn’t change his or her lifestyle, which caused the cancer in the first place, they’ll probably get the cancer again or suffer another health crises, such as brittle bones from radiation treatment, damaged immunity, digestive disorders, etc. If you would like additional information, check out the following website: Take time to educate yourself about the pros and cons of medical treatments and alternative therapies.

Now, let us consider heart bypass surgery - a person’s arteries get blocked because of all the crap they ate and the doctor recommends replacing the arteries to the heart (not changing the diet or adopting a healthy lifestyle). And so the surgeon cuts open the patients’ chest with a saw, pries open their rib cage and snips out the arteries, replacing them with ones from the leg. So what… now, all the patient has are new arteries going to his heart which aren’t as good as the ones that were there in the first place. Is this not insane? Once again, if the patient doesn’t take responsibility for his health and change his lifestyle, he’ll just clog them up again. And what about all the other arteries and veins - the ones going to the kidneys, brain, pancreas or liver? Could it be that those too are probably clogged as well? But after the surgery the person lives under a delusion, thinking, “now I’m well, I can enjoy life again. I can eat whatever I want, do whatever I want, think whatever I want because now I have new arteries going to my heart.”

Medical doctors are only good at one thing, which is patch-up trauma repair and first aid. They are great when it comes to sewing you up from a bullet wound or car crash or reattaching your arms. They can set bones, help with rattlesnake bites, make prostheses, remove warts or pieces of broken glass from your backside, etc., but please, beyond that, beware of medical doctors, especially surgeons! And be even more cautious about going to the hospital. Never trust your life to a medical doctor when you are sick because they don’t know anything about natural healing. All they know is what they’ve been taught at medical school, which fundamentally is one thing, patch-up, slash, burn, drug and remove and replace body parts! They are taught and trained to treat symptoms of disease by handing out prescriptions or cutting and burning parts of your body. Furthermore, if you ask a doctor about using natural methods, diet, herbs, etc, they will probably suggest you don’t mess around with such “nonsense.”

In my case, after battling serious ear infections for many years, subjecting myself to several useless and expensive “routine” surgeries to correct my loss of hearing, I asked my doctor if he thought diet had anything to do with my history of ear troubles and he said, “nothing whatsoever”. So then I asked him, “what do you think is the reason I have all these ear infections?” And he said, “I’m not sure, but it doesn’t matter, we can fix it with another surgery. This time we’ll make a deeper incision and cut out more scar tissue and rebuild you another eardrum with a better skin graph, and while we’re in there, we’ll get out more of the cholestetoma that’s growing into your brain!” (A cholestetoma is a tumor caused by the excess build-up of cholesterol due to the consumption of dairy products). And I had already been through this procedure twice before.

This time I never went back to the doctor. Immediately, I started to change my diet and lifestyle and here I am, eight years later, with no ear pain, no recurring infections and steady improvement in my hearing. I did the same thing with a knee injury four years earlier. A doctor told me I would have to have knee surgery to repair my torn ligaments or I’d never be able to do yoga or squat on the floor again. I didn’t have the surgery, but instead, performed a series of hot and cold hydrotherapy treatments and now my knee is as strong and flexible as ever!

Sickness is bad for your health, and let’s face it, do you really believe it is in the best interest of modern medicine to actually start curing people? If doctors began healing people and teaching them how to stay healthy, they’d soon be out of business. The number of hospitals would dwindle and the pharmaceutical companies would go broke. As it is, they spend billions of dollars each year researching and developing new drugs. Why in the world would they want people to get well? Think about it. The perpetuation of fear around disease and combating it through the manufacturing of chemical drugs and promoting vaccinations is big business, and whether we believe it or not, it’s actually eroding the health of America. These giant corporations and drug companies think it’s better to keep the public afraid, ignorant and dependent on prescription medicines so that no one takes responsibility for they’re own health and well-being. And guess who benefits?

Donna and I have applied ourselves diligently to continuously educating ourselves about natural healing and the things we’ve learned are very simple and have proven to be true for us. Furthermore, you don’t have to believe me; you are free to prove to yourself that natural healing methods work and are cost-effective. And that is the way it is supposed to be. Nature provides everything. Mankind has evolved on this planet since the dawn of history by living a natural lifestyle and using plants for food and medicine. The human body is phylogenetically attuned to plant and mineral life, solar radiation, fresh air, rainfall, gravity and motion. We are healed only through the natural processes that have developed during millions of years of human evolution. Medical science is only about 100 years old and is a deviation from this primal wisdom. The medical cult has become deceptive, disempowering of the individual and will ultimately fail because it is completely out of harmony with the natural processes. The current generation of medical techno-franken-scientists is quickly creating a species of biological humans that will be genetically and chemically fractured and chemically dependent due to these irresponsible pursuits. Furthermore, they have absolutely no long-term evidence whether or not their theories and conclusions about health and disease are true. Inevitably, medical science will fail unless it returns again to the source of our genetic and biological evolution, nature itself.

The Way to Heal Yourself

If you ever become sick or dying of disease, no matter what they label it, you have to heal yourself. And I will share with you exactly how to do it and how to stay well. If you are afraid and feel you must go to a doctor, feel free to ask them their opinion and tell them you want to heal it naturally. They will probably try to discourage you, especially if it is your child. And beware, many parents have even been reported to authorities for refusing medical treatment for a child. That’s how bad things are starting to get in this country. You have to make choices from your own conscience and learn to take responsibility for your own health. It is still a Constitutional right in this country to diagnose and treat yourself naturally! If the doctor disagrees with you, it is perfectly okay, don’t argue. As soon as your health is restored, go back and let him examine you again.

The secret to health is to clean out your intestines and build a strong immune system, your body’s natural defense against virus, bacteria and pathogens. And the way to do that is by living a responsible, healthy and natural lifestyle. Of course it is better to do this before you get sick, but if you are really sick with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, incurable infection, whatever… you must do this: You have to stop drinking alcohol and you have to stop smoking immediately! Get help if you have to, but you have to stop smoking as soon as possible. If you cannot stop smoking, forget it, you will never be healthy. I am sorry to be so blunt, but that is the absolute truth. You cannot smoke without destroying your lungs, which are the only organ in your body that can digest and assimilate oxygen. (The average person breathes up to12,000 quarts of air each day!)

To be completely healthy the human body must have the basic elements of life. These are sunshine, raw, whole foods, water, oxygen and loving thoughts. So once you have stopped smoking and are no longer using alcohol, the following steps will enable you to assist your body in healing itself. Adopt as many of the following suggestions as you can. Some of them may take years to master, but they are all equally important. To heal yourself of anything, do this:

Drink pure water. Drink filtered or distilled water, at least one quart everyday.

Buy a juicer. Drink at least one quart of pure, fresh vegetable and/or fruit juice everyday. You have to do this. (Example: carrot, celery, apple, orange, ginger, beets…whatever combination you like.) The juice should be from organic produce. Do not buy canned or frozen juice. It has to be fresh juice that you make yourself with your own juicer!

Stop eating all animals and all animal by-products. To get well you have to stop eating the foods that made you sick in the first place. No matter what others say about the benefits of animal products, eggs and milk, the fact is, they are filled with saturated animal fat, cholesterol, chemical toxins and are a drain on the healing processes of the human body. Don’t kid yourself. Stop eating the foods that are killing you. If you cannot become a vegetarian, at least stop eating flesh-food long enough to get well. This includes meat (beef, chicken, lamb, frogs, deer, rabbits, etc), fish and other sea creatures, milk, cheese, eggs and butter.

The following excerpt can be found from an article written by Michael Klaper M.D., located at

"In today's world, is eating meat, in any form, safe? It appears that to base one's diet around animal foods is becoming a high-risk activity, similar to unsafe sex or driving without wearing a seat belt. Consider the smorgasbord of health hazards available at today's meat counters. It's a safe bet that virtually every cut of "fresh" meat produced commercially in North America today contains:

Residues of hydrocarbon pesticides and herbicides, linked to cancers and birth defects,

Residues of antibiotics and growth-augmenting sex hormones fed to the animals and stored in their tissues,

Fecal microbes, like the potentially lethal E. coli 0:157 and Salmonella bacteria. (Hamburger roulette, anyone?)

The nightmare specter of the brain-destroying prion protein, the cause of spongioform encephalopathies - "mad cow disease" in bovines - Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease, or CJD in humans. (I feel sadly certain that what occurred in England with mad cow disease will probably occur here in North America and other parts of the world within in the next two years. I sincerely hope I'm wrong.)

“Given these ever-increasing risks connected to meat consumption, I fear that the theories and books that attempt to justify and promote the eating of flesh - for whatever reason - could be opening the floodgates of ghastly epidemics five or ten years from now. These plagues likely will have a magnitude that will dwarf everybody's concerns about "being in the zone" or eating "right for your type."

“Finally, no matter what advocates of animal-based diets might say about the merits of being in the "zone" or "eating right for your blood type," from an ecological standpoint, a meat-based diet for the world's population is non-achievable and, for even a sizeable minority, is non-sustainable. The world's soils, waters, and forests are being decimated to produce meat-based diets. We are destroying the life support systems of our planet - of our children's planet - for a mouthful of flesh. To me, the promotion of diets centered around meat increases the chances of ecological catastrophes and thus jeopardizes each of our futures.

“I wish for everyone optimal health, happiness, and longevity. We owe it to ourselves, to our children, and to all who come after them, to see how optimal function and life span can be achieved on diets that are truly sustainable - for individuals, for societies, and for the planet. It is, after all, the food of all our futures.”

-Michael Klaper, M.D.

Eat more raw, whole foods. This includes adding to your daily diet sprouts, wheatgrass, garlic greens, buckwheat greens, fresh garlic, ginger, peppers (the hotter the better), dark leafy greens, soaked nuts and seeds, raw fruit, raw vegetables, etc. If you eat any cooked foods at all, eat only one type of whole, cooked food, once a day. And let it be organic and whole grain, such as sourdough sprouted whole wheat bread (with olive oil or flaxseed oil instead of butter) or baked potato, yam, steamed vegetable or brown rice. Absolutely, no fried foods. And do not eat more than ½ pound of cooked food a day. Avoid ordinary table salt and use only Celtic salt or natural spices for taste. (Celtic sea salt is the only natural salt that is safe for the processes of the human body. You can contact the Grain and Salt Society at 1-800-867-7258 or your local health food store).

Get your bowels moving. Use herbal remedies that contain cascara sagrada bark and senna (leaves and pods). Once you are pooping regularly, then you can do a detoxification program. Typically, you should have a bowel movement after every major meal. This is normal. The average, sickly American is plugged up and only goes 3-4 times a week. It’s normal to go at least twice a day if not more!

Dr. Richard Schulze, a Doctor of Herbology and Natural Medicine, observed the bowel habits of primitive people who were living in rural, non-industrialized areas, living natural, stress-free lives, getting moderate amounts of daily exercise, sunshine, fresh air and eating simple diets of basic, locally foraged foods with only small amounts of fresh meat. These relaxed primitive people all seem to have a bowel movement within 20 to 30 minutes after each major meal. They just squat, it comes out effortlessly within a minute and is soft and unformed like soft serve ice cream. This is how normal bowel habits should be.

Learn about detoxification of your body. If you are really sick, it is because you have made unhealthy choices, including poor diet. You have to detox. This is something you will have to read and study on your own. It is something that is different for every individual and requires education. To get well you must clean your intestines. You can learn to use natural things such as activated willow charcoal, bentonite powder and psyllium. These are ingested in small amounts and aid the body by “picking up” toxins and moving them out of the body. But you have to be having normal, regular bowel movements first. Don’t try to detox without having normal poops first, otherwise the toxins, parasites, chemical residues and heavy metals will just stay in your body and be reabsorbed again. You can also do a liver cleanse by making a drink like this:

8 ounces of pure water

8 ounces pure, fresh apple or orange juice (not canned or bottled)

1 or 2 cloves of garlic

1 or 2 tablespoons olive oil

1 small piece of fresh ginger-root.

Blend ingredients together. Drink this in the morning, wait 20 minutes and then have some detox tea. Do this once a day for 5 days, increasing the olive oil by 1 tablespoon per day. Note: you can substitute tomato juice and turmeric instead of fruit juice if you like.

Start walking. Begin walking regularly and practice deep breathing.

Do sweat baths and exercise. Chop wood, carry water, do yoga, bounce…do anything…move. Moving stimulates the lymphatic system. Lying still in a hospital bed is not an intelligent way to get well. Also, get naked and sunbathe at least ten minutes every day.

Do hot and cold hydrotherapy treatments. This is very important, especially on painful parts of the body, or infections, tumors, injuries, etc. Hot and cold water therapy gets your blood to flow toward and away from the surface of the skin. And this aids in healing. You can get in the shower and alternate between hot and cold water (20 seconds at a time.) Try this when you have a migraine headache next time.

Wear natural fibers and use natural soaps. Get away from harmful chemicals, perfumes, chemical deodorants, fluoride toothpaste, etc. Our modern world is polluted with toxins and chemical poisons so try to eliminate your exposure to them as much as you can, especially in your home.

Stop watching the television and stop watching the news! Don’t poison your mind and emotions with such garbage. Instead, listen to beautiful music, surround yourself with flowers, nature and inspiring books. Read the old classics or ancient wisdom, such as the writings of the Greek philosophers or the Essene Gospel of Peace, which is about natural healing.

Give away or throw away at least a third of what you own. Free yourself from the burden of too many possessions…simplify your outer life. This is very important to health and well-being. Possessions have vibrations and memories attached to them and can keep you sick and stuck in the same state of mind that brought you down in the first place.

Love your life! Affirm all the things in your life that you love. Do this instead of complaining. Donna and I sit together each day and start listing out loud, all the things we are grateful for. We’ll say “we love our B.E.L.L., we love our tiny refrigerator, we love our juicer, we love our cats, we love our books, we love our water supply, we love our land, we love our sourdough sprouted bread, we love our holy wheatgrass…”

Express who you are. Express yourself through some form of art… painting, writing, bread baking, gardening, growing flowers, and singing, dancing… Develop your own form of artistic expression to make the world more beautiful.

Help someone everyday. Look for something to do for someone else today. Be open to opportunities to make someone feel loved and appreciated. Plant a tree, send a card, make a phone call…this is how we all can work to make the world a better place.

Laugh - learn to tell jokes - practice relaxing.

Have sex more often! Learn how to have more pleasure with your partner and yourself. Learn Tantra if you want, study sacred sexuality. Sex is beautiful and is essential for balanced, good health, so learn to enjoy it more. Get closer to one special person in your life.

Meditate instead of medicate. Get off of drugs - get free of prescription medication. Live a healthy lifestyle so you can have the clarity of mind to pray for others. Learn to meditate or sit with a pot of wheatgrass and feel the life-stream flowing through your body. Meditate at least 20 minutes every morning. Spend time in nature. Sit by a tree, meadow or pond…be still and learn to listen to yourself…follow your spirit without hesitation.

The critical thing to understand about healing yourself is that you have to stop doing all the things that made you sick initially and begin taking responsibility for your own well-being. And that means doing the things that will enable your body to heal itself. It is really quite simple. You have to trust your own innate, intuitive, evolutionary-genetic wisdom instead of some medical doctor who knows nothing about natural healing. Remember that the average American medical doctor lives only to age 55. That’s a fact. You can read this and many, many more documented facts about modern medicine, agricultural practices, meat production and how our food choices affect the world. Don’t take my word for it. Look it up yourself in John Robbins best-selling book, Diet for a New America, or visit

No doctor can heal you. You have to do that for yourself. If anyone says they can heal you, run from them! You have to heal yourself and if you follow the suggestions listed above, you will get well. It does not matter what anyone has told you - you can get over any disease. The more serious your condition, the more radical assistance you have to give your body. It isn’t natural to die from a disease. We die when our spirits are ready to lay the body down and move on to the Greater Life.

I don’t believe dying is a failure…I think that failing to live fully, failing to discover the stream of life in yourself is certain death. Dr. Richard Schulze said: “Tomorrow is what you do and think today.” And Buddha said something very similar 2500 years ago,

“If you want to know what your past was like, look at how you are living today. And if you want to know where you will be in the future, look at what you are doing today.”

There is no greater asset in the world you can possess than your health. Without your health you have nothing. Think twice, even three times before you take a pharmaceutical or over-the-counter drug or supplement. Don’t take chemical poisons. There is no way you can have a strong immune system by taking these unnatural substances. Don’t let anyone break your skin with a needle for any reason whatsoever. The only exception is local anesthesia for necessary dental work or for sewing and patching up serious injury. In general, the human body is a closed system; it was not created to be invaded by needles, injections, intravenous drips, vaccinations, etc. No pharmaceutical chemical can build your immune system better than what nature has already provided. Doctors are taught to believe what the AMA and the FDA tells them. And you are going to hear more and more talk in the future about the need to get vaccinated in order to protect yourself and combat the renegade viruses, mutated bacteria, pathogens, etc. Don’t believe it! It is a lie. Look up the following important website concerning dispelling the myths of vaccination.

The whole theoretical foundation of modern, allopathic medical science, the notion that diseases can be treated with chemical compounds made from petroleum, horse urine, pig pus, mold and fungus is crazy. Nature has provided everything we need to be perfectly strong, happy and healthy. What more do we need? How can a medical science that is only 100 years old improve on an evolutionary process that is over 50 million years old! Human beings don’t even know what a piece of dust is made of, how can we even presume to improve on nature?

Many medical doctors try to take away our authority. They treat their patients like they’re stupid. We’ve been misled too long. We’ve bought into the huge lie that nature is somehow antagonistic and dangerous and that the best way to be healthy is by manipulating our genetics or manufacturing some designer drug in a laboratory. And yet the truth is simple. Herbs can assist the body in healing as long as we intelligently use them in the way they were meant to be used.

Herbs are not dangerous and anyone can safely use them. The worst thing that would ever happen to you if you took too much of any natural herb is that you would vomit. But understand this, the herbal formulas in the health food stores are a joke. They are weak because the FDA and the pharmaceutical drug companies intimidate the companies that produce herbal tinctures and supplements. They try to regulate the concentration that herbal manufacturers can put in their formulas, threatening them with lawsuits. This is why you have to make your own herbal formulas at home. It took Donna and I a long time to figure this out and to understand why the formulas available in health food stores are so weak and ineffective. All of the herbal supplements for sale such as Echinacea capsules, St. John’s Wort, feverfew, or the herbal tinctures are very weak and diluted. You’d have to drink quarts to get any effect from them.

It is important that you get the herb or plant itself and make your own tinctures. And you have to make them strong. You have to load them up with lots of herb to get a workable benefit from them. This has been so misunderstood, even among herbalists.

Tinctures are made from 40% grain alcohol (80 proof vodka). Soak the herbs for several hours, add to blender on the new moon (when the lunar energies are at their lowest), top it off with more vodka, blend, and let the mixture sit in a darkened or covered glass jug for 14 days. Then strain the mixture, squeezing out the herbs when the moon is full and the energies are at their greatest. You can then use the tinctures by mixing 3-4 dropper-fulls in a small amount of warm water. Don’t get some crazy idea that it might work better by injecting it into your blood stream like medical science does. Herbs were never meant to be used that way.

Donna and I make all our own tinctures. We have many of them made from various plants, herbs and roots. These tinctures can last for 30 years. Part of what we have been working on at EarthStar is growing these beneficial herbs so we can always have them available for family members - especially if the day should come when others become interested in learning about the old ways of healing through natural methods. Herbs are a gift to mankind from nature.

Another way to use herbs, which is a little easier, is by making an infusion, which is simply boiling the herb and drinking it as a tea. Alcohol draws out some healing compounds while others are drawn out through water. When you are really sick and want to get the best use out of an herbal blend, use both methods.

There is a lot to learn about using herbs. I couldn’t begin to write it all out. (But I would recommend Dr. Richard Schulze’s site at Understand that you can heal anything by adopting a healthy lifestyle as I described before and learning about 10 or 12 specific herbs. Just learn how to use the following herbs, keep them around your home at all times and live a simple, natural, heartful and spiritual life and you will know everything you need to know to be happy. Hippocrates said, “Let food be your medicine.” He also said that the first, most important rule of healing was “to do no harm”. I hardly think radical, extreme ideas such as genetic engineering, chemical poisons like Viagra, Prozac, and Tagamet, chemotherapy, cooking with microwave ovens, super-ovulation, test-tube babies as well as drugs made from such disagreeable substances as horse urine and pig pus constitutes a policy of doing no harm. It is ironic that modern medicine refers to herbal formulas as “radical” and natural healing as “alternative” when the fact is, these have always been around. It is the allopathic medical-cult that is the radical alternative.

The basic herbs to learn about and keep in your home at all times are:

Cayenne peppers (hot peppers). A stimulant - the tincture or powder can help stop bleeding.

Lobelia (an anti-spasmodic, emergency herb) Make tincture or infusion with whole plant (leaves and seeds).

Garlic or Echinacea (fight infections and fungus) Use garlic raw and make tincture or infusion with Echinacea.

Bitter aloes, Senna, Cascara Sagrada (intestinal herbs)

Ginger-root, Peppermint, Fennel (digestive herbs) Make infusions or tinctures.

Hawthorne Berries (herb for the heart)

Milk thistle, Barbarry (herbs for the liver)

Aloe Vera (soothes burns, aids in healing skin)

Slippery Elm (used to reduce inflammation, soothe mucous membranes, absorbs poisons in the intestinal tract)

Juniper Berries and Uva Ursi (kidney and bladder herbs)

Grow whatever you can and keep on hand what you can’t. It’s important to educate yourself about these few herbs first if you want to help yourself and others. Also you must understand something very important about herbs, and that is: herbs don’t work well if you don’t change your lifestyle. You will not get well as long as you smoke, drink alcohol, eat animals, refuse to exercise, avoid the sun and neglect to change your mind toward loving and life-affirming higher thoughts. You have to clean your insides and take responsibility for building your immune system. This is the only way healing will ever truly work.

Every thought you think creates a chemical reaction, a neuro-peptide connection to the cells of your immune system. In effect, your immune system is constantly “listening” to your thoughts. If you want to be healthy, you have to do healthy things and think healthy thoughts. Don’t think that an herb or drug or surgical procedure is going to magically cure a disease and relieve a symptom while, at the same time, you continue to tax the body with biocidic (life-destroying) substances or poisonous thoughts.

Healthy Food Choices

The following list outlines the healthiest food choices one can make. Though we should endeavor each day to eat the following proportions as much as possible, it is important to make transitional diet changes slow and gradual. Remember this: eat only those foods that make you feel the best. What is healthful for one may not necessarily be right for another. It takes time to adjust to whole foods, especially biogenic (life-generating), and bioactive (life-sustaining) foods. A lifetime of poor quality food choices cannot be undone overnight, or even in several weeks. You must give your body time to adjust. Test how you feel before you decide which foods are right or bad for you. The following proportions are a general guideline only.

Adopt for yourself a natural, whole food diet that is 75% raw and 25% cooked. A general idea is this:

1 pound of peeled fruit

1 pound of raw vegetable (seeds, nuts, sprouted grains and grasses, leafy greens, raw vegetable, seaweed, etc.)

½ pound cooked, whole grain or cooked vegetables. It’s wise to sprout your grain before cooking.

Two and a half or three pounds of food a day is enough for anyone. This is how much Donna and I eat. And we have felt wonderful for a long time now. Here are the basic classifications of food and the recommended proportions.

Biogenic Foods: life-generating (25%)

Sprouted grains (wheat, rye, oat groats, corn, millet, triticle, barley, etc.)

Sprouted seeds (flaxseed, sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, radish, fenugreek, red clover alfalfa, etc.)

Soaked nuts (almond, walnut, pecans, pine nuts, Brazil, hazelnuts, etc.)

Sprouted legumes (chickpea, kidney, lentil, mung, etc.)

Baby greens (wheat grass, buckwheat greens, garlic & onion greens, lentil greens, etc.)

Clabbered milk and cottage cheese (cow or goat), made at home from fresh, raw milk

Cultured and fermented foods (seed or milk yogurts, raw, unpasteurized cheeses, seed cheeses and live sauerkrauts)

Bioactive Foods: life-sustaining (50%)

Raw fruits (apple, avocado, apricot, banana, blackberry, blueberry, cantaloupe, cherry, cucumber, currants, dates, figs, grape, lemons, limes, mango, orange, peppers, persimmons, pineapple, plum, raspberry, strawberry, tangerine, tomato, watermelon.)

Raw vegetables (carrot, cauliflower, cabbage, celery, chives, dandelion leaf, garlic, green onions, beet greens, lettuce, spinach, kale, etc.)

Fresh herbs (basil, rosemary, thyme, dill, parsley, sage, etc.)

Miso (heated to less than 100 degrees)

Nut and seed milks (made from soaked, raw almonds, coconut, sesame, pecans, etc.)

Organic Herb tea or Green tea

Fruit and vegetable juices (freshly made from organic produce)

Fruit smoothies (made from fresh fruit, seed and nut meals, dried fruit, raw honey, organic plain yogurt, etc.)

Biostatic Foods: life-slowing (25%)

Organic sprouted breads (such as Essene bread or sprouted whole-wheat sourdough bread)

Eggs (organically produced)

Organic dried fruits (apple, banana, fig, and raisins)


Organic brown rice (brown basmati, wild rice) or other whole grains

Fresh vegetables, steamed or baked (not canned, frozen, or microwaved)

Condiments (non-hydrogenated, cold pressed oils such as organic flaxseed, sunflower or virgin olive oil, non-irradiated organic spices, tamari, organic mustard, dried herbs, dried seaweed, such as dulse and kelp, Celtic Salt, organically produced butter.)

It takes time, but eventually you have to liberate yourself from the harmful substances. In his book “Biogenic Living - The Essene Way”, Edmond Bordeaux Szekely describes a large category of modern foods as biocidic, or life-destroying foods. Under this category are all flesh foods and cooked foods which are not fresh, and because of modern processing and packaging, contain many harmful substances, such as additives, chemicals, preservatives, adulterants, emulsifiers, moisturizers, dyes, artificial colors and flavors, sprays, gases, hydrogenators, insecticides, defoliants, fungicides, antifoaming and anti-caking agents, artificial sweeteners, fortifiers, defoliants, thickeners, and on and on. Szekely writes,

“…When these manufacturers remove a natural substance from a food, they always replace it with a synthetic adulterant. This kind of manipulation disturbs the whole natural biochemical balance in the food. Each time a synthetic is consumed, the biogenic and biological processes of the organism receive a shock to which they are desperately trying to adjust themselves, very often with little success. Each time, a precondition of disease is added to the already disturbed living processes, developed and perpetuated over millions of years. Their continuous, more and more aggressive disturbance proliferates a long line of chronic and degenerative ailments. Even in ordinary simple foods, a great number of synthetic, and often toxic additives are ingested.”

Due to this alarming situation in modern food manufacturing practices, especially today with the onslaught of new chemicals, hormones, terminator seeds as well as genetically altered foods, it is imperative that each one of us become more educated so we can make intelligent choices concerning food. The list below contains only a few of these categories of non-foods that have been altered by modern food manufacturers. We have listed them in four categories as a guide to help you eliminate them in various stages. For most people, it may take up to 5 to 7 years to eliminate them all, for others, it could be several months. The choice, as always, is up to you. You must ultimately decide what level of health you want to achieve given your unique life situation, desires and circumstances. The foods listed below are not placed in any rank of importance; all of them contain harmful substances. They are all biocidic and pathogenic. There is no such thing as a “safe” or harmless quantity of these substances.

Biocidic Non-Food: life-destroying (0%)

1.) cigarettes, coffee, alcohol, drugs (aspirin, etc.), chocolate, refined sugar, inorganic table salt, white flour, pasta, pastries, white bread, biscuits, cake, black tea, boxed cereals, polished grains (white rice), white grits, instant oatmeal, etc., etc.

2.) pasteurized milk, ice cream, non-dairy creamers, non-organic butter, hydrogenated oils, margarine, soy products (except organic soy products which have been fermented and aged such as miso and tamari), commercially grown eggs, pasteurized, non organic cheeses, etc., etc.

3.) all fried foods, all flesh foods (as a transition, you may like to substitute cooked meats with dehydrated jerky made from organically raised animals or wild game such as fish, ostrich, venison, goat, beef, etc.)

4.) all canned, preserved or frozen foods should be considered biocidic even if they are labeled “organic” because they have been cooked and are not fresh.

In summary, the secret to health and happiness is by making wise food choices and adopting a wholistic, natural, simple life-style. Our food choices are a vital part of the formula, and returning to a largely, plant-based diet of seeds, nuts, sprouted whole grains, legumes, leafy greens, raw vegetables, herbs and grasses is the proven, ancient way to realize the highest potential possible. As a global community, we must make choices that will sustain the ecology of the planet for future generations. It is the only intelligent and responsible path to take.

“We believe that our most precious possession is life.”

“We believe that mutual understanding leads toward mutual cooperation; that mutual cooperation leads toward Peace; and that Peace is the only way of survival for mankind.”

“We believe that we shall preserve instead of waste our natural resources, which are the heritage of our children.”

“We believe we shall eat only fresh, natural, pure, whole foods, without chemicals and artificial processing.”

“We believe we shall live a simple, natural, creative life, absorbing all the sources of energy, harmony, and knowledge, in and around us.”

“We believe that the improvement of life and mankind on our planet must start with individualized efforts, as the whole depends on the atoms composing it.”

- Adapted from the Credo of the International Biogenic Society,

Founded in 1928 by Romain Rolland and Edmond B. Szekely


Kevin and Donna are certified teachers of Biogenic Living as taught by the International Biogenic Society in Nelson, B.C., Canada. They encourage us to return to living a simple, natural, creative life, absorbing all the sources of energy, harmony and knowledge in and around us. Natural Health and Biogenic Nutrition are only one aspect of the Biogenic lifestyle. Other subjects of related interest include Biogenic Living, Biogenic Meditation and Biogenic Sexual Fulfillment.


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