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Eating for Freedom

By  Kevin & Donna 

For more information about Biogenic Nutrition see the wonderful books entitled: Search for the Ageless: The Chemistry of Youth, Scientific Vegetarianism, The Book of Living Foods and Treasury of Raw Foods, published by the Internacional Biogenic Society, P.O. Box 849, Nelson, B.C., Canada V1L 6A5

Saying it Again

We have been saying it for years; "Individual food choices have a rippling effect down the line, affecting all other aspects of one’s life, from health to healing, to satisfaction and freedom from economic struggle." Eating simple foods means we can be healthy and free even in a sick world. The more basic and biogenic our diet, the easier it is to cultivate radiant health and economic independence. Biogenic (life-generating) nutrition enables us to continuously progress in simplifying our relationship to food, so that the act of eating can become more empowering and enjoyable. It also moves us back toward the direction of sustainable agriculture, the only true foundation of survival for mankind and the environment. When sustainable agriculture is no longer the primary industry in a society, the seeds of its destruction are not far behind.

Of course, as with anything, there are always levels to cross, and this is especially true concerning the subject of food. One cannot expect to plunge in and overhaul bad habits and poor choices overnight. And one cannot expect to eat the same thing day after day just to make things simpler, or to eat the same foods another person eats. When it comes to food and what to eat one should consider the law of nature first and reject all the endless preparations, recipes, supplement advertisements, expert’s advice, and processed foods, and just learn how to eat all over again. Strive for simplicity and enjoyment and you will discover your own unique way.

That is why I believe the principles of Biogenic Nutrition are far superior over all other diet theologies, because they are logical, simple, natural, economical, ecological and most of all, sustainable. Meat based diets, no matter what researchers and agri-business industries try to tell us, are simply not sustainable for even a small minority. It doesn’t matter what your blood type is, or body type you have, a meat-based diet is in most cases the causes of cancer, heart disease, hypertension and hardening of the arteries. It is also the culprit to environmental problems such as heavy pesticide and chemical fertilizer usage, rain forest depletion and America’s heavy reliance on foreign oil and fossil fuels in modern agricultural practices. It took me quite a while to piece this information together from many sources, but now I am fairly certain that this information is accurate. No disrespect to macrobiotics, Dr. Atkins or Dr. D’Adamo, being in the zone, or the American Heart Association or any other form of nutritional dogma, but I just feel that biogenic eating is closer to the way nature intended human beings to eat and stay healthy.

Why do I say that? Because it doesn’t require man-made products, potions, formulas, calorie counting or any other kind of made-up strategy or concoction. Instead we just eat from the table of the Earthly Mother and do as little as possible to the food. We eat it as nature prepared the food and let her teach us what is right for us individually.

There are so many diet religions in the world today. And many people do well by them. Some people do actually lose weight and reduce their cholesterol, heal disease, etc. The only thing I object to is that the people who preach these diets become experts and inevitably end up making money by selling their theories or products, which eventually die out, lose popularity only to be replaced by some other inferior system. It is better in my opinion to eat for freedom than it is to buy into the belief that we need to rely on tons of products for convenience sake or supplements because of some deficiency. If we truly learned to eat from nature we wouldn’t have any deficiencies. It is far better and wiser to invest money into rebuilding our topsoil than it is to buy products to supplement our inferior diets.

What am I going to eat? …you’ve eliminated everything!

Biogenic nutrition can save you from all that. There are no formulas, no gurus, no products or pills, you just learn how to eat from nature’s abundant table and do minimal preparation. There is no need to buy frozen packaged dinners, microwave snacks, processed cereals, soy meats or soymilk concoctions, bottled juices, ready-made canned soups, mixes, expensive plastic and artificial fude (non-food); just basic, whole, sprouted or naturally fermented grains (which are cheap), seeds and nuts (which are cheaper), raw leafy greens (which are delicious), fermented milks (which are satisfying), raw or lightly cooked vegetables (which are abundant) If you want to eat meat, try dehydrated or baked wild game such as venison, fresh fish, rabbit, wild pheasant, etc. This is the way nature has intended for us to eat. There is an abundance of food to eat, but we should train ourselves to stay out of the grocery store and health food store and shop at the produce market instead!

Donna and I no longer eat flesh foods (for spiritual and psychological reasons), but we recognize there are many many people who feel they cannot live without meat, so for them we always recommend their moving toward wild game or at least, organically produced animals that have been raised humanly and given fresh air, clean water, organic feed and lots of sunshine. The meat should ideally be eaten dehydrated in order to get the most nutritional benefit (absolutely no fried or broiled meats whatsoever!) Fresh deer meat that has been dried into jerky is delicious and very satisfying, especially for those who really feel that flesh foods are important for their particular physiology. And also, it only takes a small amount to satisfy hunger. We recommend dried meats over other forms of cooking because essential enzymes needed for proper assimilation and digestion are not destroyed. Cooked animal flesh has been proven by nutritional researchers to contain carcinogenic elements!

The most important food to eat is grains. But because grains (especially wheat) are difficult to digest, they are best sprouted or naturally fermented. That is why one should avoid commercially yeast breads. (For additional information, please see the article on our web-site entitled: Facts about Naturally Fermented Sourdough Breads).

Similarly, legumes should be fermented or sprouted before cooking, or at least soaked for several hours. The same is true for rice, barley, millet, rye, etc. For ease of digestion remember that grains should be naturally fermented (pre-digested) to release their nutritional components. Stay with yeast free breads like sourdough or Essene bread. And be sure to read the labels, just because it says "Sourdough" on the label, bakeries often still use yeast for ease of production.

The same is true for milk products. Organically produced fermented milk such as kefir and yogurt and raw, aged cheese should be favored over all other dairy products. Minimize eggs, pasteurized cheese and butter and make healthier, plant-based substitutions such as olive oil or avocado instead of animal products, which are loaded with saturated fats.

Finally the rest of one’s diet should be raw and/or lightly cooked vegetables (not frozen or canned), homemade sprouted grasses and seeds, fresh fruit (not canned or frozen). Also, please note: contrary to recent reports in the media that sprouted seeds are hazardous to your health, we feel that home grown sprouted grasses and grains, given clean water, fresh air and sunshine are perfectly safe and will not make you sick. We have never had a problem with sprouts. If at any time the sprouts spoil or stink, discard them to your compost and start over. We do not recommend buying sprouts from a grocery store or eating them at a salad bar. These are often sickly looking and are probably the reason people find sprouts unappealing in the first place. Brown looking, soggy sprouts are yucky, but the one’s you grow at home are vibrant, healthy, green and busting with biogenic life!

The Ten Basic Essentials of a Perfect Diet§

  1. You shall eliminate from your diet any food from which vital nutrients have been removed, such as white flour, white sugar, and all those foods in which these devitalized substances are hidden in disguised forms, as they are all biocidic.
  2. Artificial processing which alters the natural state of a food, destroys vital nutrients and creates biocidic foods.
  3. Excessive (commercial) storage, such as canning, preserving, freezing, artificial ripening, etc., causing depletion or complete destruction of vitamins, enzymes, plant hormones, etc. and creating biocidic foods.
  4. Artificial, synthetic additives, such as chemical preservatives, anti-oxidants, humectants, emulsifiers, colorings, etc., are extremely dangerous and may even be carcinogenic. All these foods are biocidic and pathogenic; there is no such thing as a "safe" or "harmless" quantity of these chemical substances. And do not expect the label to reveal the whole truth about what artificial substances and chemical additives may be contained inside a can, package or container. Every food which is commercially processed in any way may be considered to contain additives of some kind.
  5. Artificial substitutes of natural foods are not only biostatic, but may be biocidic.
  6. Long storage in the home will also seriously deplete the nutritive value of foods, even those which may originally have been of high quality.
  7. Always choose fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, and avoid canned or prepared foods, even those which may come from a "health food store".
  8. Your diet shall contain fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains, seeds, beans, nuts, yogurt, clabbered milk and cottage cheese, made from fresh, raw milk and fresh eggs from healthy, well-nourished chickens who have plenty of fresh air and exercise. Fresh, raw milk should come from healthy, well-nourished goats or cows.
  9. The two most important factors in the diet should consist of, (1) embryonic vegetable substances, or biogenic foods, and (2) of fresh, unprocessed, whole bionutrients, or bioactive foods. Cooked, stale, unfresh foods, called biostatic foods, should be avoided as much as possible, and under no condition should processed, chemicalized, denatured, or flesh foods, called biocidic foods ever be eaten.
  10. Although we have little control over the environment, we should still avoid as much as possible polluted air, water, land, industrial by-products, contaminated substances, and dangerous radiations.
  • The more we can eliminate jars, cans and boxes or pre-packaged fudes from our diet, the healthier and freer we become. For those who say it isn’t possible to eat simple whole foods while holding down a full time job I have to disagree. I am able to work at a job full-time and maintain a biogenic diet perfectly fine. Though you may want to make some slight concessions just for convenience, you don’t have to sacrifice food quality, principle or health in order to do so.

    For example, by learning to bake your own sourdough hearth breads at home you are able to enjoy wholesome, delicious meals for mere pennies a day. For Donna and I, the only cooked meals we eat now are generally vegetarian soups made with fresh or dehydrated vegetables from our garden and homemade sourdough bread or sourdough pizza. We enjoy seed milk in the morning or have a slice of bread with homemade peanut butter (which is ridiculously easy to made), honey, some fresh fruit about mid-morning, then fresh or left-over soup, bread and salad for lunch…yum! This is an amazingly simple, highly satisfying way to eat. Whenever we feel hungry again during the rest of the day we eat dried fruit and nuts, or fresh fruit or even a vegetable juice made fresh with organic carrot, celery and apple.

    As an illustration only, when I pack a lunch for work it generally consists of the following:

    • 2 pieces of fresh fruit (bioactive)
    • ½ cup of raisins and almonds (bioactive)
    • 1 or 2 peanut butter and muscadine jelly sandwiches made with our homemade sourdough bread (biostatic)
    • 1 biogenic salad (This salad is really just a small container or bag filled with sliced raw vegetables which I eat as finger food. It usually consists of carrots, celery, peppers, a couple or large romaine lettuce leaves, sprouts, buckwheat greens, black olives and/or a 1" square cube of organic raw cheese. (biogenic / bioactive)
    • 1 quart of filtered and structured water and thermos of green tea

    Instead of eating all this at once, I tend to nibble on this throughout the day, making 4 or 5 small meals rather than one big one. This helps me keep my energy level up without feeling tired from having to digest a large volume of food all at once.

    Following this basic idea makes it very easy to eat healthy and cheap. In fact the only difficult part of it is staying away from the temptation to eat junk or fast fude simply because of convenience. But once you train yourself to resist biocidic (life-destroying) fude you’ll have no trouble steering clear; then making smart choices won’t be difficult at all.

    Now Let’s get Started

    Also, when you go grocery shopping at the health food store or super market don’t get overwhelmed about what to buy. Just remember this rule: If the food is a mixture that comes in a box, can or jar, or is frozen, avoid it. The only exception to this rule would be purchasing organic staple items such as kefir, yogurt, raw cheeses, Celtic salt, whole grains, legumes, raw honey, pure maple syrup, olive oil or other cold pressed oils – other than those few or similar items, do all of your shopping in the produce section and you will have a modest grocery bill and healthy diet, and you will also be contributing your money to a more sustainable form of agriculture! Can you believe that 90% of the super market or health food store contains nothing but biocidic, useless and expensive junk! It does not matter if a food item is certified organic – if it has been heat-treated and canned or frozen you should consider it biocidic. Eliminate these kinds of fudes as much as possible and you’ll have wonderful success toward eating naturally. (See our article entitled: Natural Diet – The Secret Skill).

    You may want to enjoy organic peanut butter or other nut butters, dark chocolate, jelly, or salsa, pizza sauce and tomato sauce which comes in a jar, but just be modest in your use of such products. Our emphasis is that the more you rely on convenience foods you will be spending money and eroding your health at the same time. Life should be enjoyed to the fullest, free of burden and hardship, and food is one of the most enjoyable pleasures known to man. Let’s free ourselves from reliance on pre-packaged fudes and go back to the real stuff. Let’s learn to appreciate herbs and spices and natural flavors, savory soups, crisp salads, hearty bread and juicy, crunchy fruit from the breast of the Earthly Mother!

    Now, if you choose to eat naturally fermented breads, you may be unwilling to bake it yourself or unable to purchase it fresh from an artisan baker. In that case you may choose to buy frozen loaves from a health food store. There are brands available that do offer this kind of bread. Be sure to read the labels carefully. The real, naturally fermented breads will be made with only simple ingredients: fresh ground whole wheat, water and salt. That’s it. If yeast is listed on the ingredient list I recommend you not purchase it. Commercial yeast is a crime against humanity in my opinion. For over 4000 years mankind produced naturally fermented breads and in less than 100 years we have almost totally lost this ancient art. Western civilization thrived and flourished on simple breads and commercial yeast breads have bastardized and ruined the health of America, and now it has begun to spread throughout the world to Japan, India, China, Europe, Central America, etc. It is a complete tragedy to watch more and more countries turn away from their native foods in favor of American fast fudes such as hot dogs, hamburgers, fried chicken, french fried potatoes, soda… And it’s all biocidic garbage. We must turn this around and at least reclaim the Old World bread, the true staff of life. We need to educate young people about fruit and whole grains and fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds. If we don’t, we’ll have to produce a whole new generation of genetically mutated children with a liver and pancreas that can filter out artificial and denatured fude. If we are going to feed them mutated fude, they’ll need to adapt to it.

    In The End

    The point I want to get across to my readers is this: In order to simplify your life you must change your diet. You must choose foods that are as close to nature as possible. Bread is not found in nature, that is true, but we have to start somewhere. We must be merciful to ourselves. We have to begin to substitute healthy alternatives in place of the poor choices we have made in the past. And naturally fermented, yeast free breads or sprouted grain bread such as Zarathustra or Essene bread is an excellent place to start, especially for vegetarians because naturally fermented and sprouted breads contain B vitamins (such as Biotin, B-12) which is often lacking in vegan diets. As I mentioned before, western civilization survived because of naturally fermented grains. Unfortunately, few people even know what naturally fermented bread is anymore. But when someone sees it and smells the fresh aroma out of the oven, their phylogenetic memory awakens with excitement. We witnessed this recently at the local farmer’s market. We were selling several loaves of our bread when a young girl came over to our table and picked up a loaf in her hand and exclaimed, "Oh my God, look at this bread, it is so beautiful. I wouldn’t eat it, but boy does it smell wonderful." She wouldn’t eat it. I can’t image why, but she was attracted to it nonetheless. Perhaps her tastes have been so distorted by processed fude, who knows.

    For thousands of years the staff of life was unchanged, only to be replaced by denatured, artificial white bread in the 20th century. This is a perfect example of biocidic junk and along with pasteurized milk and dairy products, commercially produced meat and canned, frozen and pre-packaged fude is destroying the bodies of our children. We must stop this insanity and go back to a diet that is in harmony with organic, natural life. In the end we must return to a diet that will sustain the environment. Only that will break the back of chemical agri-business and take back our freedom from the hands of the franken-scientists who insist on foolishly playing around with the genetics of our food supply, and begin to rebuild our individual health and the environment. What Donna and I demonstrate with our EarthStar project is that this can be done individually. It is possible to take control of our lives and make choices that are economically liberating and sustainable.

    The less processing a food goes through the healthier it is for you and the environment. Many people continue to eat meat because they don’t understand the power behind biogenic nutrition. There are health professionals (that we know personally) that really believe that unless they ingest cooked flesh foods they will become weak and sickly. They teach others that a vegetarian diet will not work for more than about 10 years. After that, they believe that a person becomes deficient and must have supplements and meat. This seems so insane and inaccurate. Unfortunately there are many vegetarians (vegans and non-vegans) who are poor examples of radiant health. Many of them still get cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and many of them are terribly overweight and addicted to cooked food. They often eat far too many dairy products, too many processed soy or grain products. In fact, very few vegetarians that we’ve met know anything about biogenic eating, the most simple and basic form of human nutrition.

    Many of the popular diet systems hardly recommend eating raw foods at all, such as "macrobiotic" and "eat right 4 your type". These philosophies work for some but tend to be too restrictive and regimented to be useful for everyone. And again, they are not sustainable, even for a small minority. Many people who are sick, toxic and full of mucus and who have difficulty digesting raw vegetables are taught to avoid raw foods, especially fruit, because they end up feeling worse. In most cases, it is not the raw foods that make them sick, but the rapid cleansing effect of the raw foods in a toxic system. Without a holistic, all-sided approach to healing, one will undoubtedly suffer tremendous consequences in adapting to a natural diet. To be truly healthy requires participation and exposure to all the natural and cosmic forces; sunshine, pure air, clean water, trees, flowers, natural foods and herbs, organic life, good thoughts, good words and good deeds. None of these elements can be left out. In fact, the ancient system of healing was very simple. And it worked because this fundamental understanding was understood. It didn’t matter what disease the person had. The treatment was the same. A person would visit an Aesculapius (a healing park or center). There he would find a natural, peaceful setting filled with abundant vegetation, herbs, rainwater ponds, fruit trees, and goats. It was built as a place to get away, rest and walk peacefully, surrounded by the forces of nature, plenty of clean air, sunshine, pure water. And what the person would do is stay a number of days, as long as it would take to get well. He would sunbathe, sweat, walk, sleep, fast, meditate, eat fresh fruit directly from the trees, or garden vegetables, or drink fresh, raw goat’s milk. By doing this people became well. They were taught by the healers to let nature assist them in detoxifying their bodies. And it was completely understood that this natural method of healing was the only real way that worked. You can see, compared to modern allopathic medicine, with it’s invasive procedures, chemical drugs, surgeries and radiation therapies that the original understanding has long faded.

    Fortunately, the old method still works. When Donna was sick for 20 years with chronic fatigue syndrome, having tried many forms of therapy, sinus surgery, various diets, supplements, living on pain medication, immobile and depressed on the couch, we used the Aesculapius method to restore her health. It can work for almost anyone who is toxic and sick as long as they are willing to do the work and take the time. I don’t believe "naming" a disease is important. It doesn’t matter what you call it; the way to real health is the same. Surround yourself with the terrestrial and cosmic forces of nature and follow a natural lifestyle.

    We learned how to heal ourselves by studying the Essene Gospel of Peace, book 1. (It is available by writing to the International Biogenic Society). And for additional information regarding this subject we highly recommend that you print and copy from our web-site the article entitled Natural Healing. It contains detailed instructions concerning moving toward a natural, holistic lifestyle. Note: That article should be read at least 5 times before making any changes. It is so packed with info that you have to read it very carefully to take it all in. PLEASE CONSULT WITH A QUALIFIED HEALTH PROFESSIONAL if you are sick before making any dietary changes. Every person is different and has different nutritional requirements. There is no one way for everyone.

    Finally, I should repeat that our emphasis on following biogenic nutrition is so that we can experience freedom and radiant health. To live in dependence upon supermarkets and buying pre-packaged foods is not only economically debilitating, but also not sustainable, especially in a world where the population is expected to double in the next 15-25 years. The franken-scientists and agri-business bosses who advocate production of genetically modified fudes and the continued use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers are all short-sited and profit driven. Their methods will all fail in the end because they aren’t in harmony with organic life. They are out of alignment with nature. As America’s topsoil continues to decrease rapidly each year, as we pollute and flush more of our drinking water and rely on fossil fuels to perpetuate agri-business and meat production, the delicate balance between man and earth will inevitably collapse. Something is going to give, so we must individually do what we can to avert this disastrous collision. Creating a healthy society by promoting food choices that are nutritionally and ecologically sustainable is an essential part of the solution.

    Peace be with you.

    Kevin and Donna are certified teachers of Biogenic Living as taught by the International Biogenic Society in Nelson, B.C., Canada. They encourage us to return to living a simple, natural, creative life, absorbing all the sources of energy, harmony and knowledge in and around us. Natural Health and Biogenic Nutrition are only one aspect of the Biogenic lifestyle. Other subjects of related interest include Biogenic Living, Biogenic Nutrition and Biogenic Meditation.

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